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Our unique spray parge application is proving to be more reliable than traditional parging methods. It is becoming more common for traditional, hand trowelled applications to fail and fall off within only a year or two. This does have a noticeable and non desirable affect on the appearance of the entire house and ultimately the builder. Our spray parging technique has proven to last longer (zero failure since we started applying it 8 years ago), and comes with a 3 year warranty!

We use concrete primers and adhesives to prepare the surface and our parging mixture is sprayed on wet to ensure superior adhesion and strength. It is applied using a number of thin, consistently "wet" layers/coats to achieve the desired thickness vs one thick layer which may not adhere properly if the parging material is too dry or not trowelled on properly.

Our spray parging also provides a more textured and decorative surface. It's sprayed on similar to an interior "popcorn" ceiling application, and it can also be "knocked-down" which gives it the look of a "California" ceiling.

Another benefit of our product/service is that subtle colours and tints can be consistently added to our spray parging mixture. This concept alone helps to cover and hide the look of unfinished concrete on exposed foundation walls which is the main purpose of parging. Our goal is to keep the homeowners happy and to also help the home builders achieve a more finished looking final product.

We are looking forward to be given the opportunity to discuss our services with you and answer any questions you may have.